Creative Director

Tania Tuluie was born in Stuttgart, Germany and raised multilingual. Her education spans two continents. After graduating from FIDM in Los Angeles, California, Tania entered ESMOD L'Ecole Superieure des Arts et Techniques in Paris, France, resulting in her first creative advertising position. At Promostyl, a Paris-based global trend and advertising agency, Tania garnered experience in international trends, research, conceptualization, graphic design, and advertising. In subsequent years, Tania established her own successful sportswear design firm in New York. She returned home to California to focus her energies on her young family and her design passions, teaming with INFUZ Inc., Carlsbad to produce trademark and packaging design, directing photography shoots for fashion, food and product packaging. As creative director/designer for Headline Graphics in Cardiff-by-the-Sea, California, Tania oversaw all development from inception to completion including corporate identity programs, print and trade advertising, product and package design.

Tania joined MESSAGE as a partner in 2005. Her work lies at the intersection of conceptual and applied design: where navigation of information and design space is joined in a single experience. Tania specializes in special brand building solutions across nearly all media platforms. She is the reincarnate of Clark Kent with Leonardo's imagination for flying bicycles and Cleopatra's ability to charm the masses. Tania lives and breathes design with authority, contentment and glee.