George started his career transitioning newspapers and other publications from traditional layout and design tools, into the burgeoning new world of computer-based desktop publishing.

George then founded PixelBlip Digital Services to focus on all aspects of emerging digital technologies. His web-based work dates from the earliest days of the protoweb (long before there was even an InternetExplorer), and he has been building interactive applications for marketing and education for nearly as long. His web presence spans more than 2 decades.

Additionally, during this time George has served as a Director of IT for an international pharmaceutical R&D company, and CTO for US-based Bio-informatics company.

George is also currently a principal behind one of the largest annual independent Computer Security conferences in the US. He speaks regularly on behalf of security issues to a variety of public and private groups, and is a frequent guest on television news (CNN, FOX, NBC, etc) for his ability to communicate complex computer security issues. He, and projects he has worked on have been written up in both the WSJ and NYT. He has co-authored a book on securing corporate networks, and had technically-edited books on Phishing.